About Us

Macomb Community Theatre was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in August 1959, and will celebrate its 60th anniversary during the 2019 season. The stated purpose of the group is “…to stimulate and promote community interest in amateur dramatics, and to encourage the development of local acting, writing and related talents.”  From the first full-scale production, Teahouse of the August Moon, in November of 1959, MCT has presented over 250 regular season shows, as well as many “extra” productions such as dinner theatres, melodramas, original historical plays and children’s shows.  Currently the season includes four regular productions per year, scheduled in February/March, April/May, September, and November with four to five performances each.  The Pat Crane Memorial Theatre, MCT’s home since the early 1960’s, is a 107-seat facility located on South Johnson Road just outside Macomb, IL.  The organization welcomes new members, including those interested in the technical and organizational aspects of theatrical production as well as aspiring actors and directors.. 

1959-60                                                                                          1960-61
Teahouse Of The August Moon                                          The Curious Savage
Desk Set                                                                                          Ring Around The Moon
See How They Run                                                                     Seven Year itch
1961-62                                                                                            1962-63
Mr. Roberts                                                                                     Visit To A Small Planet
Kind Lady                                                                                        The Man Who Came To Dinner
The Girls In 509                                                                           Who Was That Lady I Saw
13 Radio Plays                                                                                You With?
                                                                                                              When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet
1963-64                                                                                           1964-65
Stalag 17                                                                                          The Warrior’s Husband
Bell, Book and Candle                                                              The Male Animal
Light Up The Sky                                                                         Here We Come Gathering
1965-66                                                                                          1966-67
The Marriage Go Round                                                          The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
My Three Angels                                                                         Dear Me, The Sky Is Falling
Send Me No Flowers                                                                 The Late George Apley
Slings and Arrows
1967-68                                                                                            1968-69
Never Too Late                                                                              Barefoot in the Park
Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole                                          Arsenic and Old Lace
Come Blow Your Horn                                                               The Odd Couple
Babylon Bend                                                                                 See How They Run
Mary, Mary
Solid Gold Cadillac
The Absence Of A Cello

1970-71                                                                                               1971-72
Cactus Flower                                                                                  Harvey
Any Wednesday                                                                              Plaza Suite
Don’t Drink The Water                                                                The Girl in the Freudian Slip
George Washington Slept Here                                              Once Upon A Mattress
                                                                                                                 Lily the Felon’s Daughter
1972-73                                                                                               1973-74
Forty Carats                                                                                      The Robin Hood Caper
Daddy Dear Daddy                                                                         Star-Spangled Girl
MCT Circa 1900                                                                              Blithe Spirit
Anybody Out There                                                                       Born Yesterday
1974-75                                                                                               1975-76
A Shot in the Dark                                                                          Finishing Touches
Enter Laughing                                                                                Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Double in Diamonds                                                                      I Never Sang For my Father
Separate Rooms                                                                             You Can’t Take It With You
1976-77                                                                                               1977-78
Prisoner of Second Avenue                                                     The Amorous Flea
The Man in the Dog Suit                                                             Butterflies Are Free
Black Comedy                                                                                 Ten Little Indians
Charley’s Aunt                                                                                 Meanwhile, Back on the Couch
1978-79                                                                                              1979-80
Play It Again, Sam                                                                          Vanities
Silent Night, Lonely Night                                                          Table Manners
6 Rms Riv Vu                                                                                     Mousetrap
Everybody Loves Opal                                                                 The Odd Couple

1980-81                                                                                              1981-82
Here Lies Jeremy Troy                                                                Round and Round the Garden
12 Angry Men                                                                                  Philadelphia Here I Come
Living Together                                                                              Wait Until Dark
Champagne Complex                                                                 The Best of Friends
 1982-83                                                                                            1983-84
The Real Inspector Hound                                                       Inherit the Wind
Harvey                                                                                                The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Gazebo                                                                                     Breakfast in Bed
Our Town                                                                                          A Thousand Clowns
                                                                                                               California Suite
                                                                                                               The Subject was Roses
1985                                                                                                    1986
Arsenic and Old Lace                                                                 Busman’s Honeymoon
Night Watch                                                                                    On Golden Pond
His Brothers Keeper                                                                   Cheaper by the Dozen
Lunch Hour                                                                                      Breakfast with Les and Bes
84 Charing Cross Road                                                             Solid Gold Cadillac
1987                                                                                                     1988
Octet Bridge Club                                                                        Little Footsteps
The Foreigner                                                                                End of the World
The Serpent was Subtle                                                          Life with Father
Crimes of the Heart                                                                    I am a Camera
Every Family Has One                                                                God’s Favorite
Chapter Two
Mouse Trap
Life with Mother
Country Girl
Miss Firecracker Contest

1990                                                                                                    1991
Plaza Suite                                                                                       Angel Street
Cheating Cheaters                                                                      No Sex Please, We’re British
Zelda                                                                                                   The Impossible Years
Steel Magnolias                                                                             The Odd Couple (female version)
Rebecca                                                                                            Play On
 1992                                                                                                    1993
Seven Keys to Baldpate                                                            The Curious Savage
Rumors                                                                                              But Why Bump Off Barnaby?
The Four Poster                                                                             Squabbles
Mr. Hobbs’ Vacation                                                                    Crossing Delancy
The Sunshine Boys                                                                      Sing On!
 1994                                                                                                    1995
The Dining Room                                                                          The Uninvited
June Groom                                                                                     Nunsense
Lily, the Felon’s Daughter                                                         Belles
Our Town                                                                                          Kiss or Make Up
Smoke and Mirrors                                                                      The Count Will Rise Again
                                                                                                                  (or Dracula in Dixie)
 1996                                                                                                    1997
Blithe Spirit                                                                                      Three Murders and It’s
Nunsense II                                                                                        Only Monday
Saving Grace                                                                                   You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!
Premature Corpse                                                                        Social Security
Cheaper by the Dozen                                                                Dead Man’s Hand
                                                                                                                 More Than Meets The Eye
 1998                                                                                                     1999
Who Dunit?                                                                                       Arsenic and Old Lace
Jury Room                                                                                          Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Nunsense III                                                                                      The Mousetrap
If It’s Monday, This Must Be Murder                                     On Golden Pond
Totally Necessary Men                                                                Play On!

2000                                                                                                      2001
The Odd Couple                                                                              An Evening of Simon’s Suites
The Importance of Being Earnest                                         Sleuth
You Can’t Get There from Here                                              Any Wednesday
The Unexpected Guest                                                               Murder is Bad But Monday Can        Rumors                                                                                                  Kill You
2002                                                                                                      2003
The Robin Hood Caper                                                                Here We Come Gathering
Barefoot in the Park                                                                      Peril on the High Seas
The Swan Song                                                                                Monday Always Leads to Murder
Jake’s Women                                                                                  An Evening of Culture
 2004                                                                                                     2005
Pool’s Paradise                                                                                This Must be the Place
The Butler Did It                                                                              Send Me No Flowers
The Great Ice Cream Scheme                                                 Table Manners
Honestly, Now!                                                                                 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
 2006                                                                                                     2007
Hound of the Baskervilles                                                          Harvey
Over the River and Through the Woods                             Real Inspector Hound
June Groom                                                                                       Men are Dogs
Cheaper by the Dozen                                                                 A Christmas Story
2008                                                                                                      2009
The Philadelphia Story                                                                 The Girl in the Freudian Slip
Belles                                                                                                    Here Lies Jeremy Troy
Fools                                                                                                      The Odd Couple (Female Version)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory                                        The Wizard of Oz

2010                                                                                                       2011
Ethan Claymore                                                                               Caught in the Net 
Those Crazy Ladies In                                                                  Dilemmas with Dinner
  The House on the Corner                                                        Trial of Goldilocks
Run for your Wife                                                                           Pandora’s Revenge/
The Velveteen Rabbit                                                                  Such a Nice Little Kitty
2012                                                                                                       2013
It’s Murder in the Wings                                                              A Bad Year for Tomatoes
Charlotte’s Web                                                                               Dearly Beloved
Cactus Pass Jamboree                                                                Night at the Wax Museum
Moon Over Buffalo                                                                        The Cemetery Club
2014                                                                                                      2015
Sex Please, We’re Sixty                                                               Curious Savage
Steel Magnolias                                                                               Flower Power
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Nerdman                                      Dixie Swim Club
Christmas Belles                                                                             Ken Ludwig’s Games Afoot or
                                                                                                                 Holmes for the Holidays
2016                                                                                                      2017
Sylvia                                                                                                    Moonlight And Magnolias
Murder on the Rerun                                                                    Evening of Culture
Meet the Creeps                                                                             Lucky Dollar Private Eye
Till Beth Do Us Part                                                                       Making God Laugh
2018                                                                                                      2019
The Fox on the Fairway                                                               You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown
Vanya  & Sonia & Masha & Spike                                           You Can’t Get There From Here
Buckshot and Blossoms                                                             Time And Time Again
Murder by Natural Causes                                                         The Swan Song: A Study In Terror