Children’s Show & Auditions

Book by Tim Kelly
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur and Jack Sharkey
Keep checking back for dates
Auditions will be held in late July
Roles for several children
Performance dates : September 13, 14, 20, 21 and 22 – 2019

Featuring the acting talents of local area youth, our third production is a blast from the past when young composer Vic Ames finds himself hurtling back in time to the Eisenhower years! Everything is a problem for Vic, who is considered ’weird’ by the bobby sox crowd. Luckily, he’s befriended by Electra, a self-proclaimed ’eccentric.’ Together they manage to get Vic’s parents together. Vic’s conservative dad turns out to be a beatnik in his youth! They sidetrack Marlon Van Brut and his Wild Ones motorcycle gang and shake up the faculty and student body — but good. The empty stage is the basic set and the script has been written for easy-to-manage rehearsals. The sensational songs are pure dynamite: ’Listen to the Beat,’ ’Catch My Dust,’ ’Sweet Sixteen Turned Sour,’ ’Ponytails,’ ’All Rootie.’ If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing, upbeat, absolute joy of a musical comedy, go for this one.

For more information contact:
Director Peggy Roth 309-333-0485 or