Current Production

The Mavis Garner Bed and Breakfast is not the sort of place you’d find on a freeway or even a map. That’s because they get most of the customers from cars disabled when they hit the pothole on Main Street. Scandal-sheet reporter Arthur Lyman decides to do an expose on the pothole “scam” and checks into the bed and breakfast. During his stay he’s fined eight times, dragged across town by the local watchdog and fired from his job. What else could he do but fall in love with one of the proprietors! When his boss shows up and takes over the story, he’s treated to scenes from Shakespeare, slipshod seances and a witch who can’t keep her hexes straight.

Produced with special arrangements with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

April 26, 27, & May 3, 4 – 2019 at 7:30pm
(doors open at 7pm)

Directed by Doug Menke
Stage Management by Darren McDaniel
Produced by Roy Roth


Ryan Hoppman
Kathy Hougland
Lori Botts
Kathleen Conner-Harden
Kim McDaniel
Missy Lescher
Sam Berry